As a kid, Tim Reichert’s family didn’t have much. A low-income family ravaged by inflation, Tim saw first hand how bad governmental policies could do real harm to moms, dads and kids. He spent hours toiling in the fields alongside migrant workers during his summers, and eventually became the first member of his family to attend college.

Tim is passionate about growing a sustained middle class and fighting on behalf of Colorado families. For too long, career politicians have ignored the middle class, allowing wages to stay flat while the cost of living grows ever higher. This is dangerous for our economy, and unsustainable for our community. Someone needs to fight back.

Tim has dedicated his professional  life to researching how best to serve the middle class in America, and now it’s time for him to put his research into action. Tim’s first day in Congress he will introduce the Middle Class Restoration Act, and will work every day to ensure a strong, vibrant middle class can continue to prosper in Colorado and across the country.

Tim and his wife, Martha, have four children, and live in Golden, CO.